Partners & SponsOrs


We have many ways to sponsor the chapter or help contribute to the success of executing our mission. Contact us or click below to find the right level for you or your company. 

Aligning stakeholders to provide industry-driven apprenticeship readiness pathways into union construction careers.
The Building Strong Communities program is an apprenticeship preparatory program that will prepare you for a career in the construction industry.

Tailored Technology Solutions

Providing customized IT means first getting to know your business. And not just the basics, because anyone can do that. We want to know where you started, where you’re going, and everything in between. This is crucial to ensure you get set up with the right products and services.

Our Mission is About Relationships

Fishing for Life serves youth, families, veterans & communities through fishing & outdoor programs. Each year, FFL uses its eight programs to host more than 65 events. These events require around 700 volunteers who provide more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service annually. Since our inception, we have provided recreational fishing and outdoor events to over 20,000 youth and adults.

Off-Road and Tactical Vehicles Ready for Any Job

Polaris Government and Defense vehicles deliver performance and reliability that matches your organization's mission-driven demands, no matter the need.  Applications for the battlefield, public safety, or park and community management. Vehicles are designed to deliver exceptional mobility, versatility, and reliability to the operators that depend on them. 

The Business of Justice

Eckland & Blando provides experienced, aggressive, and responsive legal services to businesses throughout the United States. Based in the Twin Cities, our practice is centered on high-stakes contract disputes – especially claims against government entities. We also advise our clients on compliance and transactional matters relating to all aspects of their businesses. 

Advanced, Environmentally Friendly Process and Equipment Solutions for Military and Commercial Applications

Gradient Technology is a Small Business incorporated in 1996.  Our primary business is developing processes and constructing equipment solutions to produce or demilitarize military munitions and energetic compounds safely.   

Parts Supplier for the World

IPS is a Dealer, Manufacturer, and Distributor of US Military Tracked Vehicles, upgrade kits, replacement spares, and maintenance components for Government Procurement Agencies worldwide.  We have been an approved manufacturer and supplier to the United States Army (Cage Code 0MVG5) since our inception in 1984. 

Powerful Solutions for Military Environment

A leading provider of rugged mobile power solutions to the U.S. military, public safety, and warehousing industries, Lind products are gaining popularity in all extreme environments where ruggedized mobile power solutions are the only solution. 

Leader in Electric & Mechanical Motion Systems

The world’s most demanding clients count on NPC Robotics for the rapid design, prototyping, testing, and production of motion systems capable of meeting mission-critical challenges. When fast thinking is required, NPC responds with the speed, ingenuity, and efficiency you need to save time, money – and lives. 

Get to know Omnetics Connector Corporation 

Omnetics is a world-class miniature connector design and manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience, focused on Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature highly reliable electronic connectors and interconnection systems.  

Connect Strategy to Results

SnowGlobe Public Relations is a full-service firm that believes great PR can motivate, inspire, and ultimately change behavior. Unique solutions that deliver results. We are shaking things up.

Common Sense, Uncommon Service

Since 1996, TDS has delivered the best comprehensive, strategic logistics solutions that lower transportation costs and improve operational efficiency across companies. We’ve become the transportation partner of choice for a broad range of clients through leading-edge technology, lean logistics practices, and outstanding customer service. 

Future Focused, Changing the World, One Project at a Time.
With innovative designs and engineering techniques, Minnesota Wire custom designs develops, and manufactures wire, cable, and interconnect assemblies. Check out all the Minnesota Wire Capabilities to solve your problem.