Gen. John W. Vessey Jr. CHAPTER

Our Mission

We provide advocacy by being the voice for the military service member- the Army soldier and his/her family. We carry the message into our communities, to our civic leaders, social organizations, and our employers on how important a strong and responsive Army force is needed in today’s ever-changing and challenging world.

our vision

The General John W. Vessey Jr. Chapter represents the premier voice and advocates for America’s Soldiers. Our dedicated team is committed to building the best professional and representative association for the world’s best Army.

our promise

The Vessey Chapter is dedicated to improving the lives of the soldiers and their families by supporting programs at the VA Hospital, encouraging places of faith to participate with us, supporting like-minded organizations and encouraging the business community to recognize the importance of the Military.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make a tremendous impact on the lives of those who serve. Whether you give a few hours a month, set aside time to participate in a social event or take part in any of the countless other opportunities on a one-time, part-time, or regular basis, you can make a real difference in Minnesota’s soldiers and their families' lives. We invite you to explore volunteer opportunities with the Vessey Chapter.

Please email us expressing your interest in the volunteer opportunities we provide and we will respond with information regarding these events.

Become a member

The Vessey Chapter of AUSA is open to all military service members, Army ranks, and all components—including Active, National Guard, and Reserve—and Department of the Army civilians, retirees, corporations, businesses, concerned citizens, and family members. Indeed, AUSA welcomes anyone subscribing to the philosophy of a strong national defense with special concern for the Army.

Note: Please email our VP of membership, Ms. Bailey Snidarich, at if you complete a new membership to verify this process.